What can you do or say to sweep a girl off her feet?

Girls-What is the first thing you notice about a guy that immediately makes you not think of him as Boyfriend material?

I'm trying to improve my flirting.


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  • Well first if he acts obnoxious and loud because then he's too embarrassing to be around haha I don't want be babysitting on a date. also if he acts really immature and makes fun at the expense of other people...not cool! I think a guy whose pretty laid back, relax but could also can have fun and joke around is good boyfriend material...you kind of have to be both : serious and funny! I mean just have a balance...a girl just wants to be able to trust you but she doesn't want a serious psycho jealous boyfriend or silly immature child. have a balance! I think this puts you in boyfriend material status and girls can see they can trust you. also I think another deal breaker for most girls is your sense of style and taste in clothes. make sure you look good and not sloppy. I know it sounds shallow but you just got to clean up and look for us too.as for flirting...idk know what you could do to sweep her off her feet but I do think its really nice when a guy tries and flirts with a girl, smiles at her and looks into her eyes and acts interested but don't over do it or I'll get creeped out :)

  • Boyfriend material...Well I would have to the first thing I notice about a guy that immediately makes me NOT think of him as boyfriend material if he acts pompous. Which is pretty funny because I always fall for the guy before I realize he's pompous.Oh and also if he smells bad. and to sweep a girl off her feet? Got me stumped, but I would like a guy who is mysterious and always leaves me wondering about him. That's just my opinion.


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