Do you take it for granted that every guy under 30, has a beard/moustache nowadays?

It doesn't matter what style, but I just get this feeling. Unless someone mentions that he doesn't have a beard/moustache then people might assume he has.

This, in online communities of course, where you cannot see someone's face (unless they have a photo).

Oh by the way I don't have, to not be misunderstood. I know you might say "Why do you even care?", but I just don't want people to think I'm your average dude you see every day, no matter whether it's online or in real life, hahahahaha.
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  • I don't find facial hair attractive, it makes me feel like I'm kissing my grandpa­čśé

  • Nope, I don't.


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  • No. It's usually the opposite.

    • What? Where do you live? If you go to a bar, 9 out of 10 dudes would have facial hair by some degree. I take this as an advantage, because I'd be the one who sticks out.

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    • Are you hanging with the 40+ year old crowd maybe?

    • No... But I'm pretty sure you're reaching for straws right now... trying to justify your belief in stereotypes...

  • Uhm, exactly, I always assume that if someone describes some "handsome fella" and they start witht he personality and it's y job to 'bulid up' the rest - I imagine him beardless :) It's a matter of preference... i prefer men without any facial hair, but if a woman prefers them with it - she'll assume at hand they're bearded. Still, one thing should be noted - about 15-10 years ago there weren't as many bearded guys around... Have you noticed?

    • True that. Also I have noticed that as this decade goes by, beards are growing longer. In the early 10s there was this metrosexual 3-4 day beard. Now this isn't cool anymore. Mid 10s was this full (10 day maybe?) beard, and now we see more often the hermitish beard. Oh and another notable thing is that most guys choose to have less scalp hair than facial hair. I won't understand this trend, but I like that it exists. I like being clean-shaven and I stick out from the norm. Not that I'll start growing a beard once this trend is over of course... but actually now it works perfectly for me.

    • cool ;) shaved is more practical. Also... (and I'm not trying to be all feminist here lol) it seems more fair to me that you shave men shave their facial hair if I have to shave my legs, at times extra hairs in my eyebrows and so on (With pubics and armpits - I'm a 90s kid, so I shave it and take it for granted that the guy I'm with does it too...)

    • I shave my pubic and armpit hair too, indeed. Ha.

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