Looking smart without feeling uncomfortable?

I'm a very casual person, my go to outfit is always jeans, a jumper and usually docs, I rarely wear makeup. I've been told that I never seem to make an effort but truthfully I just feel incredibly awkward in heels and fashionable girly clothes. I like them, I just don't how to wear them. I'd really like to try to look a bit more feminine and put together, any tips? I need help!


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  • I'm not a big fan of heels but I can give some tips. Start with smaller heeled shoes to get yourself accustomed to being on your toes. Usually I see girls switch out tops before bottoms e. g. a blouse with jeans. You can try skinny jeans for a compromise between regular jeans and something that shows more leg. Then you can graduate from there with by adding accessories or going in a full dress.


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