If your S. O. had serious a facial injury/damage, how would you feel most comfortable?

We are talking about appearance here and YOUR personal preferences. Comfort and functionality in these cases would be a different deal, but I suspect a lot of times those things are sacrificed in the name of appearances. Lots of topics around here about makeup and covering flaws and whatnot, so wondering how that extends to real disfiguring injuries or conditions.

For the record, I would like to see a world where people did not make a bigger deal out of this stuff than it had to be. It would be hard enough to deal with the medical and practical side of injuries like this, and then to have people going and thinking you look gross or scary on top of it - not too cool. I'm sure there are evolutionary reasons pertaining to disease avoidance, but today we should be able to tell the difference between when someone is actually sick currently and when they just have the scars of some previous illness or injury. I have to wonder if fiction like horror movies or action comics play a role in the inherent fear people have of facial injuries. Like almost every
villain in these things has some sort of major scarring or burns or something, and their back stories always involve this playing a part in turning them into evil super villains. How many of us were scared as a child by Freddy Krueger or The Joker or something, and carried this into
adulthood? I wonder where the idea came from, to associate facial disfigurement with evil villainy. Personally I'm not too bothered by that stuff. To me, physical attractiveness has more to do with underlying bone structure, complexion, body shape, and other more genetics and health-driven things, than what body parts you have managed to retain or lose throughout the unpredictable course of life. Not saying it's fair to judge on genetics either, but let's face it, we do judge physical attractiveness on such things, for evolutionary reasons.
  • If they just went natural and did not try to hide their face.
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  • If they wore some kind of aesthetic covering.
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  • If they got a realistic prosthesis.
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  • If they got corrective surgery or a transplant.
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  • I could not care less, what makes them happy makes me happy.
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  • I would not date or start a relationship with someone who had something like this going on.
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  • If something like this happened to my bf/gf, I would leave them.
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What Girls Said 1

  • The way I test if I really like/love someone is by imagining what I would do if they had their face burned off by acid or fire or something. Gruesome but it works.
    I recently met someone who made me realize that if he went through that, I genuinely wouldn't care and I would stay and still try to make him feel like the hottest guy in the world. Realistically it would take time to adjust to their new appearance and I would be sad that a big part of their identity is gone but I would stick around and support what they want to do concerning their physical appearance (makeup, surgery, nothing, etc)


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd rather them go natural. If they want to cover up for their own insecurity/commodity, so be it. I wouldn't care. I've fallen for them. Some face disfiguration isn't going to keep me away. I'm still going to want the same future I want now. I'm still going to love her the same way I do now. Facial disfiguration, or any sort of disfiguration doesn't frighten me. Why would it? Because it's different and not something I'm accustomed to? Hell! If that were the case, I wouldn't be with her to begin with.

    So long as the makeup or whatever doesn't interfere with the healing process, you know?


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