I hate the way I look!

I don't like my face, my hair or my body. I am grateful that I'm very healthy, but that doesn't help with this. I feel ugly, and there's little I can do about it.

I'm not overweight. So all issues I have wither have no solution, or would require surgery. I hate my small breasts (too small for my big hips), my fine hair and my face. I also have cellulite on my thighs and butt and it sucks because no matter how much weight I lose, it doesn't disappear.

I get looks from guys, but I still feel like crap, because I notice how guys drool over perfect, fake models and porn stars. Even though they're obviously fake! But my friends tell me they'd love to have a girl who looked like that at least once.

I don't know. Maybe it's because I recently broke up with my ex. Well he also looked at porn with impossibly perfect women like Veronica Zemanova or whatever, I'll NEVER look like that!

It sucks. I know it's the inside that matters, but I think everyone wants to be considered hot too, I don't know what to do I hate my appearance.


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  • something to be considered here...all these models and porn stars have what's called a budget of people. That is they have a group of other people who are what other's call "average". This group of people are paid extremely large amounts of money to make these women look like they do, fake. Most men appreciate the "average" women in our world and consider them to be the ones that are the most beautiful. Many of us, men, prefer women with smaller breast, thicker bodies, curves, and realness that these women have. I'd say you're being very critical of yourself and would bet a months pay check that you don't look anywhere as bad as you think. I've dated women you think just like you do about your body. I love a woman that has wider hips and smaller breast and curvy. Yet, when I admit this to them or her they find it hard to believe, yet its totally the truth. Look, from the negatives that you describe in yourself, I see a beautiful woman. One that looks HOT and above "average". the models and porn stars are "made" to look the way they do...it's not what we prefer as men (not the majority) we want a real woman. You say you get looks from guys...ever wonder why that is? is it because they don't enjoy looking...I know I don't look at a woman unless I find her attractive or hot ;) You're not ugly...


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  • just watched a veronica zemanova porn clip

  • *sob*

    • If you have nothing good to say, then don't say it. Simple.

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    • Ok, but what about hot girls with perfect lives and stupid problems? Like Kim Kardashian and such. There seems to be no balance and no one tells them to f*ck off.

    • Who cares? Some people are luckier than others obviously. Don't whine about how you're not in the very small percentage of people who are more privileged than you. Rejoice at the fact you don't live in a 3rd world country. At least you have the intelligence to see the Kardashians as the idiots they are and not idolize them like so many stupid girls my age. Nobody needs to tell anyone to f*ck off. Just mind your business and let Kim mind hers.

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  • So what you're saying is, you're not perfect?! Big shock! But seriously, no-one is. I understand what it is to hate yourself, and everything about you, but it does no good. Don't look at your boobs and think that they're too small, just think about the good things about having small boobs! You obviously have some good friends, to have asked these questions to, so just try to think about yourself in their eyes, like why they're friends with you, and how fantastic you are. It does get easier to believe these things after a while!

  • I think what you need to do is just keep telling yourself that you are beautiful. Everyone has imperfections, and you are lucky enough to be healthy, and not overweight. If you think your hair is too thin, try using pantene volume for fine hair. It works really well for me. And after seeing all of the breast questions on here, it seems that guys like small breasts. (no matter what they like them at all sizes) Hope that helped :) if you wanna talk just message me!