Guys: What do you find to be attractive in a girl?

Do you go all for looks? All for personality? Or some of both? How much of each?


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  • Im starting to go for personality more than looks because I have gotten screwed when I picked a girl I thought looked good and had an ok personality. In reality girls with a good personality make them more attractive look wise. I would say I got for looks about 40% of the time and personality 60%. She has to have some look to her (somthin to look forward to when you see her). But she also has to have a personality that makes you wanna see them more. If you can't talk to her or you can't enjoy her company then there is no point in going out with her. she might as well be a booty call


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  • Personality over looks because that's what lasts, however looks do could for SOMETHING.

  • both. Normally looks will be the first attraction, but looks mean little with out a good personality to go with it. personally I would say 80% personality and 20% looks


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