Where do you buy curvy jeans for women that aren't plus-sized and aren't skin-tight?

I'm looking for some reasonably modest jeans for a curvier woman (size 10-12). I'm looking for something that doesn't look like it was painted on my ass - so no "skinny jeans" or "jeggings" or anything that's made mostly out of spandex. I'm also very curvy, so in your average straight cut jeans by the time they fit over my hips the waist has a huge gap in back that can't even be fixed with a belt. I'm at a loss trying to figure out where to just buy a normal pair of jeans for someone my size. Any ideas?
I don't want to have to get everything tailored just to have a normal fitting pair of jeans - tailoring is really expensive and I can't afford to do it for every pair of pants I own.


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  • American Eagle has great fits. I know some curvy girls your size, they shop only at AE and like AE boyfriend fit and bootcut. Some jeans might have a small gap but a belt can fix that and they also sell lots of great belts too.


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