Guys; can you help me sort this out?

Met through social networking site. it's been almost a year

*met for the first time a month later

*everything went well

*didn't like my style, and my hair. tried to change that. I compromise on the style thing but refuse to change my hair (he like straight hair, I have wavy hair)

*he took care of me very well up until I become totally dependent to him. he lent me money (which I paid later) and let me use his mobile phone (and which I have give him back)

*at times I tried not to be too dependent

*wanted to pay for me whenever we go shopping but I always refused because I didn't feel comfortable

*he always emphasize about him being a bad boy (and that I deserved better)

*we have sex a few times

*he always talked about getting married, buying a house together and all that kinda stuff

*i sometimes (but not too often) act a bit cold when he talked about future because I was afraid he didn't mean what he said

*few weeks prior to the breakup he had a problem, which he refused to talk about. I didn't ask much because he always told me not to push it (he never tell me his problems)

*he used to tell me that what he like the most about being with me is because he became so laid back, there's nothing to worry about.

*there were times when I grumble because of the way he treated me, but they had never been too serious.

*one day we made plan to go out on Saturday because I didn't want to see him after work and have less time to spent together.

*on Saturday we went out but he need to rush. I was mad so at the end of the date I asked him to go home first (because he has no one to look after his house) while I stayed and collect myself together. no fights involved

*sunday he didn't text me at all

*Monday he broke up with me. I took it rather calmly at first and let him go

*reason given was he couldn't give me the space in his heart (or something). but he said I was the best.

*i found out on Tuesday he removed me from his FB. I asked him why (I took it as a big deal because he was never that active in FB to care who's in his friend list) but he didn't respond.

*he never respond to my text messages since. I went crazy begging and all for a week. (it finally got to me that I love him very much)

*week two I stopped contacting him at all to see if he'll miss me.

*this is week three. it doesn't seem like it.

what do you think, is he worth the wait?


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  • Just judging by the way you describe your relationship, no it's definitely not worth it. Regardless of whether you want him or not, it seems clear that he has put the relationship behind him. He also does not sound like he took the relationship seriously, but instead used it as an escape from his "normal" life. Just judging from your explanation, I'd go so far as to say he may have been cheating on you (or he may have been cheating on another girl with you, judging by you perspective).

    Regardless, he's clearly put whatever you had behind him. You should do the same, if only because otherwise you'll just hurt more when he continues to ignore you.

    • That's what I think too. I don't even know if I wanted him back but I let the drama goes on. thanks a lot. that's what I need to hear

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  • no he's not. he was talking about being a bad boy which means he's done things and is probably still doing things that he doesn't think are good, and you probably wouldn't think were good either. so he isn't happy with himself. you can't have a healthy, good relationship with a man who's not happy with himself. you need to move on. also, he shouldn't change your style, your hair is your hair you shouldn't have to change it for him. move on!

    • It is not good, to be frank. I sometimes wondered whether he'll leave that all behind. so yeah, thanks, I guess that's it :)

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