Girls, All girls who wear these and have had this, what would you?

For all you girls that wear those fitted black leggings and have had guys you suspect are players coming up to you in em, swearing they're not about looks and you can see he's trying to ignore it and not look down so his jaw won't drop... if 1 of them were to, after having lost against you, say 1 of these that you really would want to hear out of his mouth or see, which would it be?
  • I wear em, but haven't had players come up to me and try that/I do&have... but nothing at all I'd want to see from him or hear him say
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  • I'm 1 and I have. Look of contrition on his face, admitting to me he tried to ignore it to keep up the act, but he can't on me
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  • I'm 1 of them, and have. A shocked look, laugh and a comment out loud about how thick I am in em
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  • I'm 1 of em, and I have. A frustrated look on his face, admitting he tried to ignore it and can't.
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  • I'm 1 of em and have. A genuine look of sorrow, admitting he tried, can't ignore it, offering to be a sugar $ guy
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  • I'm 1 of em and have. Him mad as hell, whining out loud that if I wasn't so thick and wore the black leggings, he would be able to ignore it.
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  • I wear them and nothing happened


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