Advice on what to wear?


I recently graduate and moved to the city for a job. I been living here for past 4 months. Some of my friends decided to visit and to go out to different bars and maybe clubs. I never go out and need some advice on what to wear.

Here is a description of myself, and maybe it would help. I am in mid 20's and 6'1, slim with darker skin tone. My hair is black and I usually style it by parting and flipping it. I have a full beard that is trimmed. When I say slim, and really mean I am pretty slim.

I have straight resin rinse and raw indigo jeans. I have some chinos (khaki, blue, green). I have a solid black and peach/pinkish button up shirts. Also, have a white/redish/blue plaid button up shirt. A few sweaters and some solid color short sleeve shirts. I rather not wear short sleeves as I have skinny arms. I do have other button ups shirts that is more formal and not casual.

The weather is going to be cloudy and 70 degrees tonight.

If you need other information please ask and thank you in advance.


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  • Wear the jeans or pants with a button up long sleeve shirt. Dress casual but be comfortable with your outfit.


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