Girls, For you girls that do, and have had this, what's the most common?

For you girls that wear the fitted black leggings and have ever had smooth players try to run game on you in em, buy ignoring it and not looking down, but they can't and their jaw drops open shocked-so you keep a straight face and they look up-but right into it and give up... what's the most common format their eyes go and reaction is?
  • I'm not 1 of these girls/I am, but haven't had em try it on me/I am and have, but they easily ignore it or get through my poker face
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  • I am and I have. Eyes down to the booty, then legs, they cringe, look away quick
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  • I am and I have. Eyes go. 1. legs. 2. booty. jaw drops. 3. up to my face and they cringe
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  • I am and I have. Eyes go. 1. legs. panic in his eyes, look up at my face.. then defeat, he drops the act.
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  • I am and I have. Eyes go. 1. legs. 2. booty. jaw drops open fast. 3. up at my face, mad/frustrated look when he can't break through it
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  • I am and I have. eyes go. 1. at my poker face. he cringes. 2. legs, 3. booty, jaw drops, he cringes, looks away
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  • I am and have. his eyes go in a different format, different reaction
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  • unclear question


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