Do you have a favorite color hair?

Hair? Of all things, why am I speaking about hair? The reason is because it is amazing, of course. It can also be interesting to know as it can actually reveal deep things about a person's preference. Or, it reveals nothing at all and just points to what you like personally.

Also, what color eyes do you like to complement the hair color?

I like black hair with bangs on a girl. As for eyes, as long as you can see then I like them.

Remember: If someone likes a hair color opposite of yours, you can always whip them in the face with your own hair to have them realize they were wrong all along.
  • Blonde
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  • Brown
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  • Black
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  • Red
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  • Rainbow Colors
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  • Shaved, because that is howie do it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My favor is brown
    I color my hair dark brown and sometimes another shades of brown like and use a natural product from the health food store. No smelly ingredients to leave your hair with that smell after you are finished. I use a hair color crayon on the new growth that works great


Most Helpful Guy

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What Girls Said 3

  • i love pitch black hair for girls and guys. I'm sexually attracted the most to black as fuck hair on white skin for guys. Don't care about eye color. If anything i like dark eyes for boys. I think girls with pitch black hair and winter blue eyes or green eyes are hot. I have black hair, dye it pitch black and wear real looking blue contacts. black hair ftw. I hate brown i feel like its so plain. Either pitch black, or white blonde for 2nd place.

  • On a guy, I prefer dark hair! As for eye color to go with it, definitely blue. I myself though am a fake redhead with super dark eyes! Lol.

  • Black.
    I really like black now.


What Guys Said 2

  • Brown

  • Blonde is my fav


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