It seems like my crush does not really look at me.. is he not interested?

There is this guy that I have crush on.. it seems like he likes me.. he like calls when he says he would, he text back right away whenever I text him. It seems like he wants to spend time with me and enjoys it, we like went shopping together, went to go watch world cup together, go to morning prayer 6:30 am in the morning together. He wants to do things with me, and when I spend time with him, he says he had a really good time. But the thing is I am confused.. because he doesn't really look at me sometime, its weird.. Is he shy or what? Or does that mean his not interested? Wouldn't he stare at me if his interested with good eye contact. Sometimes he does, but sometime he doesn't.. its weird. But he compliments my clothes and like my earring.. doesn't that mean his looking at me... is he just looking when I am not looking or what... I am confused.. what do you think of this guys.. Him not looking at me sometime when I try to look at him like when were in the car. He looks at me if his like sitting across from me, but when he sits right by me on side, he doesn't really look at me. Its weird. Guys what do you think of this situation? can you explain


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  • Maybe he is shy? He is obvously into you if he spends time with you and compliments you. When you talk to him next make sure you have eye contact and if he is not looking at you stop what you are saying until he does. Gradually he won't feel the need to look elsewhere and would be a lot more comfortable with you. If you want more instigate it, its the 21st century go and get it! :D