Why do women have no spacial awareness?

it seems women have limited spacial awareness, an inability to recognise objects and life its self around them.

i was driving down the road when a parked car's door suddenly fully opened and out flopped a large lady, making me swerve to avoid her. This kind of thing seems to happen a lot, while men on the other side will always slowly open a car door and make time for prior safety checks.

my question is this, is it acceptable to sit down when i pee, and not give a fuck about where i pee because it does not matter as i am sat down?


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  • That doesn't seem like a woman thing, just a rude and lazy thing to expect oncoming to traffic to be mindful instead of doing it herself


What Guys Said 1

  • For the same reason women are better at multitasking - labor specialization. Men were hunters, that's why they needed better spacial awareness. Nature gives you only what you need. Cats don't have wings because they can hunt nicely without them.


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