Pixie cut contemplation?

For the past year or so, I have been wanting to get a pixie cut. The thing is, I have naturally curly and frizzy hair... yet I am willing to flat iron my hair. my hair stylist thinks that flat ironing my hair will be the only way to make it work but he is not certain if it is a good idea or not and says I have to be sure that is what I really want... so... should I go through with getting a pixie despite the friz? or should I find something else?
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  • I'm almost positive your hair would be perfect for a pixie cut. . My hair actually gets super wavy at longer lengths (curly cues towards the bottom, much like yours), but it is very tame at its current length Check out ideas how to style wavy pixie cuts https://newaylook.com/best-short-wavy-hairstyles/ I was kind of aiming for something like this:


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  • in my opinion, just get a short bob. since ur hair is naturally curly it'll look really cute and stylish

  • Listen to the hairstylist and please don't cut your hair in a pixie cut. It's long to grow out, a big change, and you probably won't like it.

  • I just got a pixie cut and I have about the curly and most frizzy hair I have ever seen. yes I do spend a couple minutes straiting my bangs but the is about it. they are so easy and totally worth it.


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