Any tips to start over?

After a couple of years of wearing the same style I want to change it up. I'm sick of wearing mainstream clothes such as Abercrombie and Hollister. Every where I look, like say school, almost everyone has the same shirt on just in a different color.

I do wear other brands such as Express and I'm staring to like that more than those previous stores I stated. I was hoping I could re-do my style over the summer and finally have my "own" sense of style when I go back to school. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks.


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  • Well first off have an idea in your mind of what you DON'T want. Which you said is like Abercrombie, Hollister, etc. Just take a day and go to the mall and hunt out new stores. I used to ONLY wear Abercrombie and then, like you, every other girl had the same shirt I was wearing. So I went with my mom to the mall and I discovered all these other stores that I loved but I have never even been in. So I went in some of the less known but still cool stores (delias, charlotte russe, forever 21, jimmyz) and got clothes. I didn't get too many slothing items at one store, to have variety in my wardrobe. I bet there are stores in your mall you don't even know about because you have always been buying the same brands. Go find some of those stores. Hope this helped

    • Yeah it did help. You are right though. Most of the times when I go to the mall I just go straight to those stores. I don't know though I always thought it was easier for girls because I guess there is more variety. Like I guess what I'm trying to say there is not a store like forever 21 for guys. Haha. But yeah next time I go I'll take a look around more. Thanks.

    • Actually forever 21 has guys clothes. well at least the ones here do and I am sure all of them do. they are in a corner in the front of our store. they are nice looking.

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  • Shop around, go to places you normally wouldn't have step foot in. I'm not saying you buy things you're not comfortable with - but just a get a clearer sense of everything that's around so you can take things you like from all different places.

    Don't feel like you need to eliminate your old style from your wardrobe. The key is balance, and to fade into a new style - you don't want an over night complete change or you're likely to not like the outcome.

    Buy a few items from other stores and mix them up with stuff you already own.

  • Hmmm, just as the other girl said, try going to other stores.

    You might find something different that you like.

    I used to wear abercrombie, AE, and hollister too, but I got tired of blending in with everyone. So I just decided to wear different. I went back to old clothes, with no brand, but with style.

    I know it is easier for girls because we have so many to choose from.

    But for guys, I think lacoste is really sexy.

    Or for the summer you can try the shirts with collers. like the ones from hang ten, with the semi-stripes/ vintage look. do you know what I'm talking about? those look good with cargo shorts, and flip flops.

    Or you can try wearing vintage colored shirts, with gothic like design. simple, but different.


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  • Try other shirts from different brands, like lacoste, nike or maybe even gap( dont's really know why people don't buy clothes from them) You should find something that is you or wear different kinds of shirts from hollister and abercrombie, etc. I had found these hollister shirts that actually had something on it besides the seagull.