What does this all mean?

hi I'm confused

this guy I've been friends with, has so much trust in me about really personal stuff. when we were alone he works hard to make me laugh walks like shoulder to shoulder with me stares into my eyes until I look away, I'm not sure since he insults me with silly names and talks about past girls like he's showing off

whats it all about I'm not really up to speed on guy logic

PS I do like him lol


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  • go out with him...you are both in that area right now...try hanging out and see if he asks you out afterward on a real date

    • Ooo this is complicated , I think he's thinking I don't want that , I made a date with him before and I stood him up because I was scared haha we were together alone only a few days ago and if it was any ther guy id swear he faniced me, when I went to leave he came in for a hug but I shook his hand HAHA I'm an idiot

What Girls Said 1

  • Well to me it sounds like he might like you. I don't know I wouldn't think of someone who wants to continue being your friend as someone who would look you in your eyes until you look away from him. My boyfriend and I were the same way. We were best friends and then one day we were inseparable. My boyfriend used his past relationships to make me want to be better than the others he was with in the past. He told me this himself. I wanted him so bad and I didn't know if he felt the same way. He was always with me and he came to me for advise and incite all of he time. I don't know this guy sounds like he likes you. I mean that's how my boyfriend acted before we ended up together, but IDK.

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