I have so many high heels but can't really wear them?

I love high heels. They are my favorite kind of shoe and I can't resist buying them but I can't wear them without eventually either taking them off or stop walking all together. I never understood how women can wear them all day. Any girls have any advice on how to get used to heels so all of mine can stop sitting in my closet?


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  • Well when I was in the Military they made us get used to wearing the boots in training, I'd imagine this is a similar concept. Get used to wearing them. Wear them for as long as possible and then some. Then change your shoes. Keep doing this a few days a week and if my theory is correct that will build up your tolerance.

    • It makes sense. I'll try it. Thank you.

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    • @malealpha00 Like you said in your response it takes practice. That's what I said...

    • yeh but guy's boots are easy to walk in unlike girl's heels - is my point

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  • Haha. Yeah. they are attractive no doubt. but walking in them is the real deal. ain't it?

    that comes with practice.
    don't go for the highest stilletos to start with. start with low heel shoes and once you begin to grow comfy... increase the height slowly... and viola! you'll be rocking a stilletos like a model soon enough.

    best wishes.😊

    • Stiletos are my favorite lol but I'll start of with smaller heels and work my way up. Thanks 😊

    • Goodluck hun 😘

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  • I think the trick is nobody wears them all day. That lady at the office always has spare shoes to change into and the drunk girls at the club always end up bare foot carrying their heels. I'm sure the shape of your feet could be a variable as well.

  • you need more practice! I know plenty of chicks that wear 5 inch heels everyday without fail and they never complain. its hot seeing chicks in heels - the higher the better


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