Favorite skincare?

What's everyone's favorite skincare product? I'm looking for a fantastic creme for dark circles under eyes and I would love to hear some opinions and experiences. :)
I'm looking at the Rodan and Fields creme but I have never used their products...


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  • I use products by the Manuka Doctor, they're not too expensive but almost always have items on sale whether theyre serums or masks. I've also heard really good things about Kiehl's and Clinique's Vitamin C Daily Boost. I also use a bit of retinol serum to plum my skin!

    • I love Kiehls! I see they have a new eye cream but I'm leaning towards Lancome for that. I saw a great before and after photo from Rodan and Fields BUT they are more interested in me selling things than selling me the damn eye cream, no thanks on that! I appreciate your input :)

    • What eye cream by Lancome? I also need a really awesome eye cream for fine lines! There's probably not much I can do about them because genetics but Id still be up to try any/ all as long as they dont break my bank lol!

    • I'm trying the Visionnaire eye cream, so far so good :)

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  • I am more of a natural care type. So I go for oils, oats, honey, etc.
    But for moisturizer, and SPF, currently I am using Aveenos.
    \And for body, I am using lubriderm lotion

  • try clinique or try olay, I use olay a lot but I have heard that neutrogena is a highly recommended brand by dermatologists

  • Quicklime


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