"Am I getting fat?" she asks for the 100th time?

I'm sure someone's said it or you've heard it before. Well, my girlfriend will bring it up once in a while. She is beautiful to me, and not insecure in any way, a lot of the time even more outgoing and confident than I am. However, she asks me this once in a while and I'm looking for a way to get her to calm down about it, before she asks again, I go crazy and the only words that come out of my mouth become "you look great so stop worrying about it"... -_- any tips?


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  • women are pressured to be thin and to be "perfect" so no matter what we look like we're always going to wonder and be a little tense at times. it's sort of like a package deal with dating women. just keep telling her she's gorgeous and make sure she feels great all the time and compliment her (not just "you're beautiful" but meaningful or unique things about her like "I could fall in love with you all over again the way your smile lights up in that dress" ).

  • keep telling her she looks great, and tell her that even if she did gain a few pounds she would still be beautiful. Girls are constantly worried about losing their attractiveness to a guy, especially as they get older. Try complimenting her more often on her personality traits, like her humor or kindness, etc. Complimenting her only on her looks will make her feel good at the moment but then only deepen her fear of losing what makes her attractive. So continue to tell her she's beautiful, but include compliments on her personality as well! Hope this helps!

    • I tell her all the sweet everythings in the world, I mean what I say, but just won't let up on this one...

      I'll keep trying maybe distract her with complements about her personality when she brings her figure up :3


    • If she asks you if she looks fat and you dodge the question with a compliment to her personality, she might take it as a "yes" and be sad, or mad, and attack you for it. Just a word to the wise.

    • Yikes

      try to answer her question at the same time, but keep her mind off it quickly? hmm...

      well I'll keep tryin, thanks for the help peoples

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