Advice on dresses?

The other day I saw someone wearing a simple tshirt dress the other day and I liked the concept and I guess I found some fashion inspiration from it?

But how do you know if a dress is too short without trying it on in store, or is there a way to tell at all? I have a few "jumper dresses" which is literally all i wear, along with leggings but i couldn't wear it on it's own as it's not long enough. Are they likely to shrink when washed etc. (The girl i saw wearing one the other day, her dress was kinda short, like not overly short, but like it wouldn't blow all over and kinda "hugged" her body, I don't know how to describe it)

I don't really know about all the different styles either, I wouldn't really want a tshirt dress that would blow all over etc, but i wouldn't want one that was completely tight and stuff, kinda like a bodycon? (I wouldn't mind it if the back was tight, around the butt area, but not the front waist/thigh area)

I guess my main concern is the length factor, if it'd blow about easily and if it's "tight" or not, as I am transgender (male to female) and unless I tucked it may not be like, completely flat down there (sorry if that was tmi)

I want to wear dresses, especially as it's getting warmer now. I'm mainly interested in tshirt dresses and other casual ones, nothing fancy, although I don't know a lot. Thank everyone!! x


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  • I would go with flowy dresses. If you are buying online and not trying on in a fitting room at a store, look at the product details, it will tell you how long it is. Then it is up to you to decide if it's too short. But nothing can help you pick one like trying it on before buying. Good luck!


    Something like this, it wouldn't blow, will give hips and won't have to shave hair.


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