First and only q here- what makeover things could I do to look new/better? (pic)

I'm not asking whether or not I'm cute-- that's your opinion, I'm sure plenty of people think I'm ugly and some disagree but that's not what I'm asking, the internet is a brutal place for that, lol. I'm just looking for beauty tips, maybe things I can change (aside from plastic surgery or something drastic) to look the best that I can look. It's always good to get other people's advice! So here are two pictures, let me know some good suggestions. I'm looking to change things up a little bit. Even though I'm nowhere near as cute, I'd like to go for Victorias Secret "style" looks, I just like that style.


(in this one I'm all the way to the left)


Thanks guys! Help from stylists or professionals is even more appreciated :)

Oh, the pics don't show this but my hair is about the length down to my bra band/straight.


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  • You might go with some choices in necklaces. That would really help with both the pictures provided. Try looking at Tiffany's Jewelry for ideas and try to find those picks cheaper somewhere else. You are very attractive.

    • Thanks, I almost never wear necklaces. I don't know why. Tiffany's is way too pricey for me but I think I'll take a look at some nice drapey stuff in random stores.

    • You know I was thinking that with those turquoise ear rings you could get away with a leather lace with beads. And, also have you seen the necklace that Jamie Lee Curtis wore in Freakie Friday. It is a bit less conggestive than the draping neclaces.

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  • the only thing that can ve improved is hair,

    i think growing it longer and thicker and curly-ing it up a bit is gonna make you a lot hotter !

    and yeah you are far from cute, a lot closer to pretty id say !

    • I'm trying to grow it longer these days. it's so hard! Especially since I dye it :-/ but yes, good advice, thank you!

  • nothing. you look perfect :P


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