Girls, Do women really care more about what men think that is physically attractive or what OTHER women judge as attractive?

If you are a heterosexual female it would make logically sense to care more about what men think what looks good versus if what your girlfriends think. But in my experience women usually worry more about what other women think. Sometime this is congruent with what men want but other times it's not.

One example is big nose rings (diamond studs are fine). Personally I HATE it when girls wear them, I think it's a disgusting trend. It will make a 9 go to a 5 in my eyes. Many of my buddies feel the same. But many straight women wear them anyways. Maybe their girlfriends see this as "cool" and "hip"?
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  • I think you should an option for the vote that says "I care about what I think." There are plenty of people who dont give a shit who does or doesn't like their nose ring, hair color, tattoos, etc.

    • Whether we admit or not we all care at some level what others think of this. I agree it's good to be self confident and do as you please. But to some level we do care about our reps and appearance. That's why I left no third option.

    • I've met some people who leave the house as if no one cared so Im gonna have to disagree with you lol. My answer was women but I dont think there's a chance that there isn't at least one person out there who only cares about what they think.

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What Girls Said 3

  • YOUNG girls care more about what boys think because they haven't learned to not care yet but women care more about what other women and they themselves think

  • it only matters what i think of myself and how i am seen inn the eyes of who I'm with. of i lose myself In changing or do something that's not me and it results in loss of self respect. then what's it all for? if it matters so much what everyone else thinks why do we have independent thought\ wants\ likes\ environmental enjoyment\ desires?

  • We subconsciously care about both. People usually think that they dress for themselves, but that is not a 100% true. We are affected by our media, our peers and everyone else in regards to how we choose our dressing style.
    I'd like to think that I don't give a shit, but subconsciously maybe I do.


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