How many of you ladies don't want a diamond ring?

I know diamond rings are traditional, but I never really wanted one. They're a poster child for artificial scarcity, meaning the prices are way overinflated. I'd rather my boyfriend save up money to buy us a reliable car or something rather than spend a lot of money on a ring.

Plus I honestly just don't like diamonds that much. Personally I'd prefer a nice braided or carved silver, or maybe something with a pearl or white opal in it.


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  • If I ever get remarried, I don't need a diamond ring. They're soooo expensive and they're really not worth much! My wedding ring cost over $1,000 and when I sold it after my divorce I only got $100 for it. And that was the highest offer.. I took it to several places. So next time I'm happy with cubic zirconia and a white gold band.

    • Yeah, I've actually heard stories of guys going into debt just to buy a ring. And people say things like you should spend 2 months of your income on the ring. I think that's silly - I wouldn't want to marry a guy who feels the need to spend so much on jewelry!

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  • I hate diamonds. I posted a question about this as well. I have a garnet as my wedding ring. Its the birthstone of my husband. I love it and it is gorgeous

    • Sadly I'm an April birthday.

    • So am I. Doesnt' mean you have to wear the stone you were born with ;-)

  • I like diamonds; but I am just not into jewelry; but it's a tradition to gift jewelries during big ceremonies; so in that case I would prefer to get diamond or silver.

  • I do not give a crap about that


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