Girls, Specifically for girls teens-20's in black leggings, have u ever had a guy say this while u?

Say that he was attracted more to foreign girls saying they were hotter (or something about how American girls weren't that good) while you stood there in black leggings, so u did 1 of these and he looked down and u saw his mouth drop in shock O... o? and if so, what was ur thought right then if this happened?
  • I wear those, but haven't heard a guy say that/I have, but didn't use 1 of these on him/I did, but he ignored it, I can't get him
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  • Yep. Straight faced, tilted my head, pushed out my hip, hand on my hip. I thought, "Uggh, yeah right creep! We're not finer than them? Why's ur jaw dropping then? Ugh."
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  • Yep. Straight faced, put 1 foot out a little. I thought, "Then why is your jaw dropping? What's the matter, can't ignore this?"
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  • Yep. Straight faced, pushed my hip way out, hand on my hip. Thought, "Ugggh! Why can't you guys admit it? There's a reason we wear these! U can't ignore it either!"
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  • Yep. Flirty faced, tilted my head, 1 foot out. Thought, "I don't believe u, this easily works on u too, haha!"
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  • Yep. Pushed out my hip, hand on my hip, glared at him. "Jaw dropping, damn right! NO guy can ignore it, ur full of crap, ugh!"
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  • Yep. Smiled at him, head tilted, hip out, hand on my hip. Thought, "They're hotter? Then WHY can't u ignore it?"
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  • I personally don't like to wear just leggings, if i do i wear a shirt that is very long

  • i hate leggings. i don't think they are very fashionable so i don't wear them ever

  • I would be flirty depending on my mood


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