What should I wear for the summer?

So I'm going to South Africa with some friends this summer. There's this girl who I like (and I think she likes me back). I don't know what to wear that won't be too shabby or too uptight.


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  • Although it's summer it can get quite cold in the evenings in S. A it's also a bit dependent as to whether you'll be closer to say Cape town, Joburg or Pretoria.
    So make sure to have at least one pair of pants and a warm jacket packed.
    It also depends where you're from obviously and the temperatures you're used to.

    For dressing I'd say just be yourself and dress the way you're most comfortable, your personality will impress her more than your clothes.
    You'd be surprised no one remembers what you wear 2 or 3 days after except you, more so for men and boys.
    Unless it's something extremely daring like a chicken suit.

    Don't believe me? try to think about the clothes your siblings or parents or friends wore 3 days ago. Clothes are more of an extra oomph so just dress comfortable, naturally, avoid sloppy and you'll be fine.

    • I live in Doha. I'm going to Themba and Durban, and I live in Doha (Qatar), so I'm used to the heat

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  • lol lots of bug repellent the mosquitoes there can kill you

    • Seriously?

    • yes seriously you are going to Africa you will have to get shots and all kind of health tests. the mosquitoes that carry malaria and dengue fever which doesn't have a cure good luck

    • I'm from India so I guess it won't affect me. Plus I had dengue fever before and got over it, so I'm immune.

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  • Is it going to be hot there

    • Its hot where I am when I'm not on summer

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    • I've never seen shorts for guys that go above there knee except for bike shorts and those are practically short shorts made for men there pretty scary in my opinion by flattering I mean a to that suits your body type and looked good on you

    • go search it up on google. I have really toned legs, and my upper body is good to. The only thing is that my legs make my arms look skinnier than they are

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  • Search for frugal aestethics on YouTube he made a video about dressing when it's hot outside, just remember he's got mad money and you can achieve the same thing with cheaper clothes

  • Shorts a t shirt a hat

  • Bermuda boxer

    • I have a couple

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    • no idea about re colouring dude I don't work in laundry but u may get Maron colour Bermuda easily

    • And there underwears... so like yeah

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