Getting my thigh gap back?

I'm 5'5" 18 years old. Used to have a beautiful thigh gap at 47/48 kg (around 103 lbs). I have been gaining some weight lately and went to 52/53 kg (around 115 lbs). Honestly I just feel a lot uglier because gaining weight did nothing for me (still A cups, butt the same old size), I just gained a lot of fat in my thighs and maybe some on my arms.

I've been trying to lose the weight I got but no success. I was wondering if there's at least a way for me to get my thigh gap back through easy exercises I can make at home? Thanks.


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  • Just don't eat as much. I just don't eat junk food, fast food, or anything with sugar in the first 3 ingredients. As a result I guess it's mostly vegetarian. If you want to keep the gap that's a permanent change, not something you stop after some arbitrary weight goal is reached.


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  • Disclaimer: I'm no health expert. Just a girl speaking from experience/limited bio knowledge!

    Well, naturally most girls gain some weight in their late teens, especially in the hips/thighs, butt, upper arms, etc (has to do with higher levels of estrogen and progesterone I believe). So don't worry if you feel like you're becoming unhealthier; chances are you're just finishing growing!

    Anyway, the best way is probably to change up your diet (eat the right amount and clean) and also to exercise to burn calories. You could spot train to build muscle in your thighs/arms, but I'n not sure to what degree that would help. Still a good idea in terms of health, though.

    Good luck :)


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  • It is a matter of ingesting less calories and burning more. You need to increase exercising like walking, jogging and then running. You also need a change in eating habits.

  • find your an easy diet And do some walking

  • why do you want a thigh gap

    • Because she used to have one and now she doesn't. Understandable, I used to have washboard abs and when they got covered in fat when I hit 30 it was depressing.

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  • 47kg for a 5ft5' woman is underweight._. What's wrong with you?

    • There's nothing wrong with me. At 47 kg I was perfectly healthy as every doctor I've visited told me. You don't know me or my body and if your wrong affirmation is based on my BMI just know that it is very generic and doesn't take each person's particularities into consideration.

    • BMI of 17 was healthy according to the doctor?

      And you want a thigh gap.

      You asked for my opinion and I'm known on gag for not sugar coating things.

      It's okay to have fat on your body as a woman... !

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