Need a nice outfit for Las Vegas - will you please help?

Hi everyone. I need some help. I've been crossdressing (male-to-female) for a year or so. I took a little break, but now I'm back. I'm 5'7", 143 lbs. with an pretty athletic, trim body. I love getting out dressed, and there's a part of me that feels very normal (too normal?) when dressed. I'm not getting into the whole TG conversation here, but just saying I feel very comfortable expressing this side of me.

I'm going to be in Las Vegas next month (true!), and I'd really like to use this as an opportunity to dress up. I'm thinking it would be fun to go to a club, and I could really use some suggestions! Would you help me please? I've never bought anything like this before, and I'm thinking shopping will be half the fun.

Please help! I'd love to get some ideas!


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  • wear nothing, that would be the greatest thing, lol


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