Curvy girls, how do you find pants that stay up and fit at the waist?

I'm pretty curvy, which means I have a big ass/hips compared to my waist size. My problem is even "curvy" pants are way too big in the waist, and there's a large gap at the back of the waist that shows my panties when I bend over. It's not so bad with jeans where you can wear a belt, but I have to wear dress pants to work and women's dress pants basically can't be worn with belts. I don't have the money to tailor 3-4 pairs of pants either! Any ideas what to do?
Jeans are pretty much manageable, but I have to wear dress pants at work. So I really need something that works for dress pants.


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  • I could swear women's dress pants have belt loops, and black dress khakis and black dressy jeggings.

    I have a question for you. My girlfriend has the same body type as you, and I want to buy her a pair of jeans or two. What brand jeans/belt do you wear?

    • Jeggings are't really considered "dressy" by and large - kind of like those new "dress" yoga pants, they aren't really acceptable in your average office. Dress pants/khakis are a thing, but they tend to be limited in cut to a more straight version. The kind you'll find for more curvy girls tend to be the elastic waist kind.

      I have the most luck with Macy's Style & Co jeans, personally. Any belt works - I just buy something plain out of the men's department myself.

    • Thanks for the help, I wish you luck on finding what you are looking for 🙂

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I know it is dangerously expensive 🤣😂 but fashion nova jeans I super could. Their whole brand advertises the "skinny waist, big butt and flat stomach" thing and they are really tailored to that. For dress pants I am not really sure. Some pants are only for certain people. Just dress for you. This is the link to the website if you wanna look

    • I gotta have dress pants at work though - jeans are against dress code, I have to wear either dress pants or a skirt (and skirts get cold).

    • Yeah I get that ummmmmm
      I don't really know how to help. Sorry
      Just keep trying

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  • Maybe a buttoned long coat ever to hide the belt? Or that's too not allowed? Do you have to wear sort of uniform or what?

    • It's not a uniform. It's just that women's dress pants don't come with belt loops by and large. Or if they do they're for these tiny little thin belts that don't do anything to actually hold your pants up. It's not that I'm not allowed to wear a belt, it's that most women's dress pants literally have nowhere to put a belt on.

  • Go for lee brand jeans...

    • Not worried about jeans. Worried about dress pants - I have to wear either slacks or a skirt at work.

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    • Yeah, the safety pin thing just means they can see your ass crack instead of your panties. ;) Plus under dress pants unless you're all skin and bones, low-rise panties leave bigass panty lines.

    • Ohhh... I do the same with my girlfriend... May be u r more curvey then her...

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  • A shop named "Kik" cells pants for curvy girls, they fit me verry wel and are not that expensive..
    But I'm scared Kik only exists in Germany and in the Netherlands.

    • Not really what I'm looking for, it looks like. I'm ok enough on jeans and casual pants. But I have to wear either slacks or a skirt to work, and I don't like wearing skirts all the time.

  • fashion nova

    • Not really what I'm looking for? That looks to me more clubwear, I'm looking for something you can wear to the office.

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    • it would definitely cost more than 100 but it will hold up. i have not had one designer piece break besides my valentino rockstuds and that was only because i wore them to death

    • Eh, I'm not so worried about holding up. I've rarely had a pair of pants fit for more than 2 years in a row anyway, so it doesn't matter much if they last 5 years.

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