Getting hair change looking for opinions?

Hi, I'm thinking of dying my hair either purple, blue or red.
It will probably be an ombre hairstyle like the ones below. The style and how much colour I use will be like like the first photo.

This will be my first time I've dyed my hair as I have virgin hair lol, and I have naturally dark brown hair.

Was also wondering what people think of people with wild colours like this. Do guys find this to look attractive or do they like natural girls more? I like to say I don't care what other people think but I do, I'm starting college soon and I wouldn't want people to avoid me because of my hair colour. I'm probably overthinking but yeah.
Any opinions and advice gladly accepted 😊Getting hair change looking for opinions?Getting hair change looking for opinions?Getting hair change looking for opinions?


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  • I think the top pic is the best.
    Is your hair that long?
    being that your hair is dark it may take a little longer to lift color but not as much as someone with previously colored hair.
    Are you doing this at home?

    • My hair is actually longer than that, I'm getting semi-permanent at a hair stylist

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    • No problem :)

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  • I have red but I'd recommend purple it's easier to maintain

  • I like unnatural hair colors a lot


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