Rodan and Fields stalkers?

I recently saw before/after pictures of some eye cream on Facebook from an old friend who is a rep for Rodan and Fields and inquired about the product. BIG MISTAKE. I've now been hounded to join the company to the point I want to scream! Now I don't ever want a product from that company in my life. Anyone else ever experienced this?


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  • That's how they make their money, is by getting you to sign up. Mary Kay is simular but they aren't that pushy. They have a desire to make women feel good about themselves more than anything.

    • I'll never inquire about their products again, this is pathetic! Sheesh

    • Yep I would agree. There are good companies and great products out there and to work for but you shouldn't have to be harassed about it.

    • I completely agree! I ended up going to a department store to avoid the harassment

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