Can I get help? any experienced people?

Hello gagers,
I'm 18 yo and i have a lot of acne, spots, blackhead and shit since i was 13.. and i dont know what to do anymore.. i just hate my self because of It... any experienced people? did u have a lot of acne, spots? what did y do? how did y get rid of it? my mum says its because of puberty and my hormones..
but fuck puberty, its fucked me up so hard all this years.. i wanna show her the real human technologies, did u do any surgery or something to get rid of them?
i'm thinking to go to dermatologist, would it cost a lot in your opinion? any opinions suggestions? I'm so tired 😩😩😩😩😭😭


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  • not me personally that bad, but I've gotten my boyfriend into The Origin face masks and sea weed clay masks they work, anything natural too i use oatmeal to wash my face or its a investment but I have a microdermabrasion machine that pulls out all the gunk and smooths out the skin or you could try to get treatments. Anyway don't be too hard on yourself over something you can't control maybe not as severe but everyone gets pimples 😊


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  • no its 9gagers 😔😔😷😷😲😲😲😱😱😱😱😟😵😵😵😵😨😨😨😨😧😧😧😧


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  • I had reaaaalllllyyy horrible acne and tried all the prescription and non-prescription creams and topical treatments, as well as birth control. Nothing worked until I tried this medicine called accutane, it's basically really high-dose vitamin C. The only bad part is that you do have to get your blood tested once a month. But it almost completely cleared my skin, which had been covered completely with acne since I was 11.

  • Drink water lots of water

    Sleep early and for at least 8 hours

    Eat food rich in vitamins, minerals. Eat food with bones, collagen. Eat lots of vegetables. Drink fresh orange juice.

    Don't use any chemicals even soap.
    Warm water to open pores then cold water to close pores. Use coconut oil on the face as cream.

    Use a cotton cloth soak with water and put it in freezer and use this as face pack to close pores.

    Use milk or rice water as toner.

    ♥ don't stress and exercise :-*


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  • Mary Kay makes a charcoal mask that works awesome. It's not one that you have to pull off. You just leave it on for ten min. And then you wash it off. It's incredible for black heads.


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