Does anyone else get unbearably ticklish when they get pedicures?

I like to keep my feet nice and soft and if I don't get a regular pedicure my heels, etc, get dry and cracked. I hate that! But when they scrub the dead skin off the bottoms of my feet it's sheer torture cause it tickles so damn bad!!! I've actually peed a little from it! LOL! Anyone else have this problem?


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  • yes, I bite my tongue a bit to resist then it passes hehe ^^'

    • Haha, wish it were that easy for me!!

    • Thanks and wish for less tickles and more fun ! ^^

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  • is it weird that I think that's kinda hot

    • How so?

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    • That is evil! I'm sure I'm quite a sight bouncing and twisting around in the chair, trying not to scream!

    • yeah, that sounds pretty hot! Add some restraints and a little teasing and you'd have a fun session. A little light kissing around your ankles and nibbling on your toes watching you squirm would be a fantasy come true.

  • I don't know how you girls do it! I tried it once and made a damn fool of myself!

  • I am not sure about pedicures, but I get a tickled even if the hand does not touch me.


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