What do you consider conventional beauty vs unconventional beauty?

I've heard these labels thrown around, but have never come to a definite conclusion about what they each mean. I've seen people in the West define both terms with respect to coloring - a "conventional beauty" is therefore white (and sometimes blonde), while an "unconventional beauty" is of darker coloring and is therefore more "exotic." I can't help but think that this isn't an objective view though, since in many Asian countries the two would be reversed. I think it's got more to do with facial features, regardless of coloring. What does GaG think? If possible post pictures/examples of what is conventional vs. unconventional to you.


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  • All I know is that most whites who have power in media actively work to keep stereotypes going so they will go out of their way to find beautiful white women to out on TV and in movies, but 'any meh/ugly black woman' will do (with few exceptions). It's even worse for Asians. I grew up in a city with tons of smoking hot black and Asian women. The best looking Asian woman you ever see in U. S. media is borderline ugly by comparison. But if you look at movies produced/made by minorities you see the women are almost all amazing looking. Anyhow why be surprised if some guy who plays a banjo and 99.999% of the people he knows in real life are white, that when he watches TV he thinks he knows what is beauty and what is not.


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