The divider bit of the bra (between the boobs) is that meant to be fully against your skin?

like the bottom bit is but not the upper bit of the divider, do I need to buy bigger bras?


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  • It's called the gore and yes, it's supposed to be touching your torso. You should also be scooping all your tissue forward and into the cups as well as making sure your underwires are all the way up in your inframammary crease. Most people are wearing ill fitting bras because stores use outdated sizing that puts people in a too large band and too small cups. Check out Bra Band Project to see what bra sizes look like when worn correctly. Ideas like "DD is huge" is completely wrong.

    • I always find that the straps dig into my shoulders despite them being on the longest setting, do you know anything that might help me on that?

    • Is your bra relying on the straps to support your breasts? Try this: put your bra on upside down and backwards to see how snug the band is. It should still be comfortably snug and stay in place. If it falls down or feels too loose, then you need a larger band. Having a too large band may be what is causing your straps to dig in because the bra has to rely on that to keep the breasts up instead of the band like it's supposed to.

      If you can, measure yourself with a fabric tape measure or a non-stretchy string and a ruler. Your underbust measurement should be the same number as you band size, no adding number to it. Your cup is the difference in inches between your bust and underbust measurement. Here's an example:

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  • Yes that should be completely normal.


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  • Yes, that should lay flat


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