Girls, How many ladies like to wear a classic look fashion with a touch of industrial accessories?

I meant conservative style skirt length between knees and mid thigh. If evening wear sweetheart neckline. Day wear is office wear regular dress or skirt dress.


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  • I'm not sure what you mean by classic. There's like 2000 years of wildly ranging fashions and industrial isn't usually a word I hear used to describe fashion.

    But I absolutely adore some older styles of fashion. As a very small girl I feel like I'm particularly well equipped to pull off lolita and I have a soft spot for making myself feel like a princess in terms of clothes, which I suppose would be considered archaic.

    • I have updated the question.

    • Oh definitely. I like the look and feel of skirts, regardless of length. They're comfy and easy to wear! The only reason I might want to wear a shorter skirt is if the rest of my outfit looks better with it or it's very warm out.

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