Any tips how to straighten my hair wto using heat?

I have a really long curly hair, it's really thick which is not cool nd so far I have been using my straightener to straighten it once a week but it began to fall a lot !!! so I can't use it anymore at least for a while.
any ways that actuallu work as to how to straighten my hair wto heat? I'll appreciate it ^^


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  • I don't know where you live , but in India these parlour does something called smoothing.. it makes the hair straight.
    something called rebonding also makes it straight. But I have no clue about any of them.
    Google it

    • oh yeah I've been hearing about the smoothing treatment but it's pretty expensive where I live.. so I need a way to straighten it at home even if just temporarily.. thanks for the tip though ^^

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    • oh it's pretty cheap there. here it's around 200-300$ :/

    • omg.
      but hey they look good.

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  • Try keratin... I love it and I don't even care about the chemicals in it. It's just nice that your hair will be wavy/straight for like 5 months after you shower with air dry and brush

    • is there a way i can do this at home? and how much does it cost? because it's kinda expensive here in my country to do this kind of hair treatment at a beauty salon

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