My friends all think my interest is ugly, when I find her very good looking?

This is a very odd phenomenon. Happened to me yesterday. I showed my mates who I'm interested in, and all of them agreed that she is anything but good looking. Came complete with the usual "I don't know which one of you is uglier" comment, naturally.

Anyway, it's only a good thing for me, since I have extraordinarily low standards, to the point where I'll take just about anyone who isn't completely disfigured. This also makes me more afraid of rejection, as it'd mark the end of my remaining slivers of self-esteem.

Do you think my low standards make me think of lesser women more highly and lower my opinion of better looking women? Have any of you ever experienced this?


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  • Well, that is just the start of the chapter. It would get more challenging if you were dating someone.

    I think you're neither settling for less nor your standards are low. You're simply viewing beauty in a different light as you are attracted to what you seem to prefer.

    Some people place their doubt and skepticism to someone who is attracted to the uncommon. If that person follows the crowd, he'll start doubting himself, eventually. There will be people who'll think differently compared to you. Hear these people out but it's up to you whether to dwell on criticisms or not.

    • I see, yes. Well, no matter how I look at what they say, I cannot personally agree with it. Flaws? Yes, there are some flaws, but we all have those, some more than others, and they are hardly severe enough to destroy my view of this person.

      In the end, I suppose it doesn't matter. If ever I man up and do it, and somehow miraculously succeed, then what they say will be of little concern to me.

    • "If ever I man up and do it..."
      Do what, exactly?

      I agree with the rest of what you've said. That's the spirit!

    • Man up and profess my affection and interest. It's something extraordinarily difficult for me. I keep this mask of a fairly reclusive, scientifically literate pseudo-intellectual who also happens to be a closeted metalhead, and expressing my feelings for other people is godawfully difficult, especially when it is with romantic intent.

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  • Some of the nicest, most sincere women are not blessed with what you call "Good looks", I would call them blessed with character. They don't spend all their time pursuing beauty, as some perceive it.
    Why you would consider that as low standard is beyond me.

    • Not me, them.

      See, I can't pursue good looks either. I was born with a bad face, such is life. So I lowered my standards in regards to physical beauty.

      What I don't get is how someone I perceive as an 8/10 easily is perceived as ugly by all of my peers, even before they know I'm interested in her. It's mind-boggling.

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  • Everyone has different tastes though so what you're friends find attractive you may not. Honestly it doesn't matter what they think about the way she looks you would be the one waking up next to her not them. If she makes you happy just go for it.

    • Indeed, I find her very good looking. But now I'm scared of getting rejected, as it'll be a great dishonor in front of my mates, who not only already make it clear to me that I look awful myself, but find her unattractive as well.

      That'd be so dishonorable I'd have to go drown myself.

    • Why would they have to know that she rejected you?
      Also maybe they are just trying to joke around about looks.
      The last comment is a bit extreme :-).
      Friends are meant to care and support you not make you feel bad about choices that make you happy.

    • Well, at my age, friends are like competitive wolves. We're at a phase in our lives where we do pretty much nothing but compete, even if we don't openly declare it a competition.

      I'm not really a competitive type. I always try to support friends in their time of grief, but I seldom have the favor returned. But I understand why they do it. It makes sense to me.

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  • duuuude if all your friends told you a gold bar is just a rock would you believe them yet you know it has value? you are lucky you even know what your type is I'm so brainwashed by society that I don't even know the type of girls I genuinely feel attracted to

    • Suppose so, aye. Then again, these guys can't be trusted anyway. They constantly degrade my own appearance, calling me ugly whenever they can, yet they're the only ones who ever do, as is evident from yesterday's bout of depressive madness, which ended up in the post containing my picture being deleted entirely.

      Anyway! You're right. It's actually good to have independent values. I won't conform to their ideals, if their ideals equate to botox-filled anorexic models.

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    • The person had brown hair almost blonde

    • Yeah, that's what I mean. You mistook me for someone else, I'm afraid. My natural handsomeness and beauty-filled femininity is quite unfortunately not really there. I'm afraid I am fairly ugly indeed.

  • Dude I date black Allen and all my friends think I'm crazy. Who gives a shit, if she makes your dick hard than that's all that matters

    • Chick not Allen lmfao

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    • Don't be a pussy. You have to try and fail and try and fail until you get the girl. I'm pretty damn good looking but I still had trouble because I'm shy for a few months when I started. I probably got a yes like 30% of the time. Now it's more like 60%. A lot of women are taken too so you have to let them give you a nonverbal sign before you approach

    • Well at least you're good looking. I'm a straight-up degenerate.

      I posted it anonymously, but here's a picture of me. As you can see, a horribly feminine face for my age, an awful forehead, ugly shape... Like I write in the post, a 2/10 with ease.

  • They can all go fuck themselves dude grow some balls and have confidence in what you believe in.

    • Yep, they can. That, or I'll fuck them like they've never been fucked before. They're afraid I might be a bit homo-rapey-rapey sometimes. I use it to my advantage, even though I'd never do something like that.

      Hard to have confidence in your beliefs when you have no confidence in yourself, but we don't get to choose who we love. I agree.

    • By the way, the first part was a joke. Not only am I not a rapist, but I'm also not homosexual. I just like to scare my mates when they overstep certain boundaries.

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