Girls in Flip-Flops - Style or Comfort?

Being in Miami, it is very common to see most girls in Flip-Flops. I keep arguing with my wife about it, She says it is the most uncomfortable thing to wear. I totally disagree with her. Plus, she thinks it has nothing to do with style. Of course, as much as I admire pretty feet, she couldn't care less. So my question is, (1) is it uncomfortable to wear flip-flops. and (2) do girls wear it for comfort or for style?


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  • I think they're the most comfortable shoes I own, and I've tried a lot of different shoes lol. I really wish I could go to work in them, it would be so much easier on my feet :/

    We probably wear them mostly for comfort; they're quick and easy to just throw on and go out the door, and they go with anything. Usually the more stylish a flip-flop gets, the less comfortable it is.

    • Wow !! Great point that last one. She thinks completely the opposite. And she always gets these thick soled ones and she thinks they are easier to wear. Great !! I am looking forward to some big arguments. Hahahaha !! Thanks Aly. :)))

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  • I wear it for convenience. I live in Florida and in the summer it is so hot, so why wear shoes that keep in body heat?

    Honestly with a good pair of flip flops, ie ones that aren't worn down, then walking around all day in them isn't bad.

  • it's very comfortable and convenient

  • 1. Not at all

    2. Probably more for comfort since it's warm outside and we don't want our feet getting hot. Haha. They're also pretty easy to match with other clothes, but there's definitely a lot of other shoes out there that are more stylish.

    • In your last point in 2, I actually didn't mean a stylish shoe as much as I meant showing off manicured and pedicured feet in flip-flops as they are the best to show them off. Of course, nice tallish heels also do that in a different way.

    • Ha well I don't get my toes done. I just paint them whenever they look like they might need it. Anyway, I've never heard of girls wearing them to show off their feet / toes.

    • I bet you, you are not from Florida (you don't need to answer that). They all get in competing for style here (good for us guys). But thanks for your comments.

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