Is it weird to call a friend, that you're not dating, beautiful?

Okay, so I'm just curious if its weird to call a close friend (that's the opposite gender) beautiful, gorgeous, or anything else along those lines. For example saying, "hey beautiful" or "hi gorgeous." Is this a good way to compliment a good friend that's a girl or will it just make things awkward?


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  • I don't think it's always a bad thing, but sometimes you have to be careful in case she gets the wrong idea. It's sweet when guys tell their friends that they look beautiful, because it'll paint you in a good light, but only when you're being seriously legit. When complimenting a female friend who you're not trying to flirt with, my best advice would be to emphasise how much you value your friendship and give the compliment a brotherly tone, to avoid making things awkward.

    When it comes to just saying things like that in greeting (e.g. Hey beautiful) it really depends on the type of friendship you have with them (is it a DNM type, or a fun one?), and the way that you actually say those words. It might get awkward if you say things that don't seem to fit your personality. I personally don't mind; I call a lot of my guy friends 'love' and 'sweetheart' all the time, and they call me 'gergeous' or 'babe' - we're cool with that, because that's the kind of frienship we have. For some other guys I know though, I'd probably slap them if they tried to greet me with 'hey gorgeous' - it just depends, I spose.

    The main thing to do is really to just speak carefully and only when it feels right. :)


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  • Of corce not! My guy friends call me beautiful, pretty, hot, gorgeous, and adorable all the time...and I have a boyfriend. I know they care about me like I'm their little sister and I love them like brothers. I think it's perfectly normal.


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