How should I wear my hair for my date tomorrow?!

I am going to busch gardens tomorrow with my boyfriend.and I don't know how to wear my hair. My hair is long and curly, but I usually straighten it. In fact, he has only seen me with my hair curly one time.and it wasn't his favorite. :) ahaha. At busch gardens there are water rides and last time I went with my girlfriends and wore my hair straight down, I was completely drenched.and my hair dried.and it was like a frizzy greasy pile of nastiness. ahahha it was soooo weird.

I don't really want to look like that tomorrow =P. So should I wear pigtail braids? idk.please give me suggestions. I was thinking of wearing it straight down.and then putting it in a messy bun when it gets gross.but then I remembered that I have sweeping side bangs and I don't know what to do with them when they get frizzy and bent out of place. ahh please help!


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  • Depending on how long your hair is, put it in a banana clip and leave it curly. That way when it gets wet, it will be in a natural state and will probably look cute. If you don't have a banana clip, a simple ponytail will do. Forget the gels and hairspray and definitely no straightening!

    Good luck and have fun!


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  • ponytail is fine IMO, looks cute enough.not that I feel qualified to answer this.


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  • Braids would look cute, but kinda dorky. I suggest ponytail, or clamp it up, or wear a bun.

    You have side bangs so putting your hair up will make you look cute, and classy.

    I used to have curly hair, and it was torture to go to the beach and stuff. It would get frizzy when it dries alil, and you know the rest.

    I snorkle alot, so I really had to figure something out.

    I usually tie my hair in a cute tight bun, and let my bangs sweep to the side. Or some days, I clamp it up, and let the curls fall loose alil.

    Also, I put moisturizing lotion, on my hair before I go into the water. This moisturizes my hair, and it keeps it together, kinda. You can try putting leave in conditioner, to tame the frizz (after you get out of the water), or you can put suntan lotion to tame frizz, and keep your do together.

    If you really want to braid your hair, then I think braiding it to one side (so it falls on one shoulder) would look unique and cute.

    Just don't spend so much time fixing your hair or worrying about it while you're out. Because it could get annoying, to your bf.

    Good luck, and have fun! :)

  • Hmm. well if you SHOW you're bothered by it, he'll see the flaw in it. Don't act like your curly hair bothers you at all, embrace it! It's beautiful and it makes you unique. have you experimented butting your hair in pigtails and then wetting your hair and seeing how it looks? You could do the pigtails if you know the water won't create some disastrous hairdo ;D and put conditioner in your bangs to put weight on them, and then use bobby pin to secure your bands to stay side-swept. I also think you should bring a cap, or a sun-hat. something beachy and light and lets your head breathe and once your hair gets wet you can stick it on, because curly hair + a sun-hat looks beautiful plus it'll be a quick fix for your conscious about your hair. Ultimately, no matter how your hair ends up, have fun, seriously! Don't dwell on it at all, your boyfriends finds you adorable regardless, if he pokes fun just learn to laugh it off ;) You'll have a blast, don't worry about your hair you're beautiful

    By the way. once this date is in the past. I think you should consider getting your hair that chemical that you get done at a salon (by a professional) and it makes your hair straight no matter what, until new hair grows in etc. but I think you should go to a salon and ask about it ;) because you won't have to worry about straightening you hair, it'll always be straight. and if you change your mind and decide you want curly hair again, your new hair growing in will be curly :) Good luck <3 Hope your date is amazing

  • pull your hair up in the front and clip that back and then pull the rest of it back and put it in a messy bun. That way you won't have to have your bangs down and it is really cute at the same time. Best part is that no matter what it will stay in place and you can't tell that its curly when it dries.

  • you can bring a clip and pin your bangs back in a pouf, or if you're getting a locker there then you could always bring your straightener, and there is a chance there would be outlets in the bathrooms, and you could just straighten your bangs.

    Also you could bring some scrunching products (mouse, hairspray gel, whatever you use normally when your hair is curly) If you have product in it it might not get that gross greasy feel like you were talking about.

    I have poofy frizzy curly hair and I straighten it all the time too, and I am dreading the day when I'm in your situation. Good Luck and have fun even though your hair might not look amazing :P

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