Do you care what a girl is wearing?

If a girl always wears basketball shorts and a t-shirt would you care?

Is it possible to reveal to much skin?

Do you even pay attention?


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  • Yeah what a girl wears can count for something. I know a girl who has a great body but you'd never know based on how she dressed. I've seen her dress in a similar fashion to what you just described and it hid everything. I'm not sure if "would you care" is this point here, but more like "would you notice". A guy might notice that she's dressed down but likely wouldn't pay her a lot of mind, or he might not notice her at all. Yep, it can count for something, maybe even alot, just like how a girl feels about how a guy dresses.

    Is it possible to reveal too much skin? Absolutely. I mean a little skin here or there to show some off like a little bit around the arms, neck, legs or stomach are all fine but there is a limit. Eventually there gets to a point where you can show off so much skin that you can look trashy, and be perceived as a slut. In those cases it's just detrimental to what you want to do. Here's a tip. If the majority of your bra sticks out, it's too much. If your panties are visible from across the room, it's a bit much. If you're wearing little more than what would be seen on a bikini, then you've crossed some kind of line. Granted it MIGHT be possible to pull this kinda crap off, but it's hard. usually you'll just look trashy trying to do it.

    So you're wondering if guys pay attention. Yes we do. Some of us anyway. I guess it all depends on how we're wired. Maybe it depends on what we care about or what catches our eye. It's really hard to say. What I know I can say is, we care, we notice, we pay attention, we really do, but not all of us and not all the time. Sometimes its a conscious effort and sometimes it isn't. Just think about what kind of signals your sending. Think about what kind of impression you're trying to make. It matters. You'll see. That's just how it is.

    Good luck.


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  • i like basketball shorts and a tee shirt on a girl. if the tee shirt is related to somethin gi like, then great. as long as it is YOU and not someone you are trying to be. that's pretty much the feeling most guys on this topic have had so far too. basketball shorts tell me you are more of a "sporty" girl and may be an athlete. I'm a huge athlete so I would love that. other guys might not like it because they don't like sports but lets face it, a guy usually can't say no to a pretty face. when they get to know the girl behind that face is a different story and the clothes she is wearing may just give a guy an excuse to talk to you.

    as for skin, you don't need to dress in long sleeves and a skirt down to your ankels (unless that's how you dress but I don't think many people do these days) but be a little conservitave. make a guy work for seeing more skin. if you show it all offf before he even meets you, then he has seen it all and you can become just that piece of eye candy who he might not look for in a relationship. what you wear is fine for most things.

  • Yes I care and pay attention

  • for me, I don't care what a girl is wearing much as long as it doesn't like make the girl look like rly bad. you should show ur personallity with how you dress tho, chances are if you play sports ur not gonna be wearing nerdy stuff, and if you listen to rap ur not gonna wear ac/dc shirts... what you wear will tell a guy a little abnout who you are. to be honest I HATE rap... so if I see a girl who is dressed like a "gangsta" I'm automatically turned off, but if I see a girl wearin a metallica shirt I might go say hi. you will be stereotyped by what you wear, so you should wear the things you like, and dress like you want people to think of u.

    as for the skin... some is fun, too much is just nasty... obviously it depends where you are too... if ur at the beach a bikini is a great thing to wear... around school ont eh other hand you should be a bit conservative. often the girls who are showin too much skin just seem like nasty whores...


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  • they do pay attention. but unconsciously. ur style of clothing will give off certain signals.

    if you show too much skin, they'll stare you down and think ur easy.

    if you wear basketball shorts and t-shirt they'll think you'd be a cool girl to hang out with.

    something like that :)