How come I'm hungry when eating right?

I'm definitely a bigger girl. I eat a good amount of food. However I'm finding myself hungry. I get headaches in the morning because I'm hungry. This one trainer told me it's because I'm not eating the right types of healthy foods. He suggests that I have protein shakes and have slim fast. I know more about portion size control now then before. I find that with some of the meal plan set for myself according to healthy serving size, looks like it's not gonna fill me up. My fiance told me I've find myself feeling empty because my stomach will shrink back to size and my body will take it what I should normally eat( right serving sizes). I'm 5'6, 220 lbs..


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  • It takes 20 minutes for the human brain to realize that you've eaten your fill and it only takes a mean the size of your fist to satisfy your body. As someone who carries a bit more, you are using more energy to move than you should. More energy used means more energy needed. The quality of food you take in places a huge role in your health as well. There are right and wrong proteins to take in, yes. But there are so many other factors, such as sugars, carbohydrates, and fats.

    I recommend that you take up some exercise and look into a diet that will compliment your workout.

    A really simple diet plan:

    Oatmeal for breakfast will give you the boost you need. And not the sugary stuff. You want quality oatmeal. Add a few piece of banana if you want flavor. You don't need coffee.

    If you prefer eggs, cut out the yolk and eat with some turkey and whole wheat toast.

    Bring some fruit with you to work. An apple will do. In fact, an apple is better for you than coffee because it will keep you awake AND provide you with your fruit serving.

    Eat a roast beef sandwich or turkey sandwich. If you get a sub, opt for a 6 inch (or smaller if available). Remember, you don't want to over eat.

    Sometime in the afternoon, have some fruit or vegetable. Again, one small serving will do.

    For dinner, pick up some salmon and grill it. Yes... salmon! It's delicious and it's VERY healthy for you.

    Assuming you still have time left in your day, you can treat yourself to another piece of fruit or vegetable.

    Lastly, make sure you remain somewhat active for at least two hours before you go to bed. This will help you burn off whatever you've got left from your day. They say don't eat before bed because your body will digest the food differently and the stuff you want to burn off will likely stay with you unless you either have a very high metabolism or are very fit.

    You may or may not have heard about people eating 5 or six meals a day. When they do, they are generally small. But it always seems like these people are eating doesn't it? The key here is a healthy diet that is balanced and in the right quantity coupled with exercise.


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