Girls, what does it mean when a girl wears the jewelry you got her almost everyday?

So recently, I gave this girl I like a heart necklace just as a gift because I kind of like her, and she said she loves it. Now, every time I check Snapchat she is always wearing it. Does this mean she likes me? Is she secretly thinking about me every time she wears this necklace or, does she wear it because she just likes the necklace?

P. S - When I gave her the necklace, she gave me a hug too!


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  • She likes you, congrats
    A guy I liked gave me a necklace in the past and it wasn't even that nice but I wore it every day

  • it could be both that she really loves heart necklaces or that she likes you. both are highly possible

    • vut I think the second possibility is more

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    • no problem😊

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