Too sensitive/empathetic?

Whenever I see someone crying my eyes tear up. When it's my friend crying I cry. When I watch a movie that's a tad sad I cry (Edward Scissorhands). When I read a sad book I cry (the last song). Am I overly sensitive/empathetic/emotional? And what do guys think about girls like me?

*I don't sit and bawl for hours it's only a minute or two, and sometimes just my eyes get teary*


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  • I don't think guys mind too much as long as you're not crying over a chipped nail or something lol. Most would probably think it's cute.

    I'm very much the same as you, it really gets to me to see someone cry, even a stranger, I just want to give them a hug and cry with them lol. I think my boyfriend thinks it's cute when I cry over some movie or book too :p

  • I don't know what people think of people like us because I do the exact same thing, I don't think that you to sensitive or emotional, I just think you care