I want colouring my hair.. but still doubt?

i have a plan to colouring my hair. it will be for the first time.. but there are some reason that doubt me to do it
1. some people said to me.. colouring ur hair will make ur hair unhealthy/broke/dizzy.. i mean hair problems will be come.. is it true?
2. if true, how to solve this problem.. i wanna my hair still health
3. do u have any idea about colour that i should take.


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  • Why don't u try a temp hair color at first. Then you can see how it works for you. You can buy boxed hair color at store that you can wash out after awhile. I personally, get my hair highlighted and have for years. but my hairdresser says my hair is very healthy.


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  • My mother and long time hair stylist both team up in lecturing me about the same thing. I haven't dyed my hair either and don't plan to till my hair starts graying significantly.

  • It only ruins your hair if you're dying it again and again days after the last. Or if your hair is dead in general. If you dye it properly and good care of your hair after, you'll be fine. Moisturize it a lot after, hair mask.. etc.
    Buy a dye thats generally "heathy" or infused. Don't get the 5$CVS one just because its cheap. Search around and read reviews.

  • People told me to not bleach my hair for coloring because that will damage the texture of my hair.

    My hair is black, so I don't think I would be able to color it without bleaching it.


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