How to suprise her?

Alright.. so I've been with my girl for almost two years now. With summer break I haven't seen her in two weeks, and won't see her for another two. However, I will go see her before summer is over. I am looking for a way to surprise her that is both sweet and sexy. I have done the basics, candy, flowers, jewelry, even some 'fun stuff'.

The last time I visited.. she had bought a new toy for us to try out. I am at a loss what to do for her when I go back to see her.

Ladies and gents..

Your thoughts!


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  • One thing I love... a picnic.. If you have a beautiful park with a river - a lake - duck pond - wherever... Pack a picnic basket with some cheese/crackers - grapes - strawberries - maybe a bottle of wine ( if you are 21) - take a blanket - and fine a shady spot by the water on a beautiful day. It is very romantic - costs next to nothing and the ladies love it. Feed her grapes - one by one - VERY sexy... tell her how much you've missed her and treat her like the special lady she is. Toys are great and all but what truly keeps a woman connected to you is how you make her FEEL ( SPECIAL!)... Stay as long as you can even do this

    at night - under the stars... Ahhhhhhh.. Romance!

    • Heh. I've done the picnic. She enjoyed it, although she does not like eating outside much.. so its not high on my list of things to do again.

  • PS Don't forget the fluffy blanket/comforter for you both to sit on!


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