Do bad boys like good girls?

I like this kid, and he does pot tho. I know he's gotten caught and stuff and almost got expelled. But I'm the "good girl". The girl who believes in God, goes to church, never gets in trouble, the sweet girl who every1 loves! So ... My question is do boys like him like girls like me? Are "bad boys" attracted to "good girls"? Thanks for anyone who answers :) And I see this kid once a week. Any tips to help me grab his attention? Even tho I can't look cute because I see him after I run lol. Whatever. Any opinions are much appreciated :)

I just wanna let everyone know that I like this kid because he's attractive, sweet, and seems to be really good with kids :)


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  • Just curious but why would you wanna date him?

    • Cuz he's sweet, and good around little kids, and attractive.

    • Oh, well you didn't make him sound like that at all. lol

    • I guess I forgot to give out tht information! ill add it in an update

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  • First off, pot isn't that big a deal. Doing it at school, anywhere near school, or going to school high is just frickin' idiotic, if you don't mind my saying. A guy who gets himself caught and nearly expelled is immature and irresponsible, and I have little respect for that. Still, I don't know him and I don't know you, so my opinion doesn't mean much here.

    "Bad boys" are known for looking for girls to "corrupt." Not that he's looking to hurt you, but a lot of guys, bad boys or not, like innocence. I'm not sure why, exactly; maybe it makes them special to the girl if they're her first something. Really this all depends on him, though, and I'd need to know more about him. First things first is to break the ice--have you spoken to him before? Where do you see him? Do you two have anything in common?

    • Thanks for answeriing! I respect your opinion 100%. And to answer your questions, yes, I have spoke to him. Not a lot, but yes. I see him where I work out and take karate classes. I'm not sure what we'd have in common. I just really want him. Ya know tht feeling when you just get butterflies just thinkiing about them, that's what I have. :( And I don't know how to help them or make them go away.