I am 16 and have PCOS should I have laser hair removal?

Is ıt certain that the hair will come back due to PCOS
I want to have laser removal at least in my armpits so that they can lighten up


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  • I think lassr hair removal kills the hair follicles at its routes so it probably will work, but I'm really not 100% sure.


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  • Laser causes extra growth of hair in certain women

    Laser only works on certain skin type, light skin with really dark hair

    Laser doesn't work on women with PCOs or hormonal disorders

    Armpit hair I would recommend you just use a epilator

    Many women and transgender women swear by it and say it stops hair growth

    I think epilator and tweezers are the best, you don't use any radiation or chemicals or heat

    I don't know if this will work but, increase intake of estrogenic foods like soya, flaxseed, mint tea, coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol. They all have estrogen and might reduce the androgenic hair

    I know the last option is to just leave it, because it causes too much stress and hassle - I have seen some movements with women with PCO where women have just left the hair

    Sorry for your distress ♥


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  • Laser hair removal can be pretty expensive, before that I'd try other methods first. Such as using hair removal cream (the veet hair removal gel is extremely popular). Also using koiji San soap or black African soap from Amazon to lighten darkness. Exfoliating would also help tremendously.

  • Yes go for it if you can afford it. I hope you'll be fine babes, good luck <3

  • First get your PCOS treatment


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