How can we look our very best?

I know this site is called "Girls Ask Guys", but I'm asking girls. : P

My friend and I are going to this alumni party for our high school. We have known the people who will be attending this party since elementary school, and we were teased mercilessly for many years by them.

Basically, we want to show up to this party looking awesome. The problem is, neither of us are very good at the hair, makeup, and fashion thing. We need advice.

Girl 1:

This photo is completely natural, no makeup or anything.


Girl 2:

Her hair has been straightened and she is wearing some eyeshadow



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  • Girl 1: I first want to say I have the same bright yellow tank top! Sorry, that made me wayy too excited. Anyway, have you thought about getting a haircut? Maybe reinvent yourself by getting some highlights and dramatic side-swipe bangs, or you could even dye your hair a completely different color. Maybe a lighter brown? If you don't want to color, I highly suggest some type of bangs. I love having bangs, and I think they really add something and kind of draw attention to your face more.

    As for make up, I really don't wear it often. For special occasions, which this sounds like, I wear foundation(be careful not to cake it on, which took me years to learn), cover up on pimples or red spots that may still be visible, maybe a little color on lips, and eye shadow. For the eyes I recommend watching youtube videos by some of the popular makeup artists. Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with doing, though. I personally like buying the four eyeshadow pallets that help guide you, but I put a slight twist on it. For example, I often put the brightest color of the pallet in a triangle shape on the outer part of my lid.

    Girl 2: Again, I start with the hair. I think straight edge bangs would be great with your face shape(IDK what's my thing with bangs) and if you want you can also dye your hair a light brown or bleach it. Honestly though, your hair color is great with your skin tone.

    For your make up, I'd do a lot of the same things as girl 1 but add mascara. You're eyes seem a lot like mine, where you don't see the eye shadow well, so you may try a bold lipstick color. A bright red would look great with your skin tone.

    For both of you I'd say staighten your hair for the party(which is my personal go to hair style). I know people may not like my suggestions, or that it's not as bold as your going for, but I don't mind throwing my ideas out there. Best of luck!


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  • If you really want to look awesome and amazing then go Naked! YEH!

    Unless your fat. Wear a pumpkin suit or somthing if you're a chunky f***.


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  • okay, girl 1 & 2 are both relatively pretty naturally :D , but with some makeup and the right clothes, can be gorgeous (:

    Girl 1- Hair: use a shampoo that will provide your hair with a lot of shine. (I recommend brilliant brunette, or mane n' tail, which is a horse shampoo, but I use it, it makes your hair so pretty!) let it air dry after your shower, and either curl it (tight ringlets) or straighten it. if you straighten it make sure you get it completely straight, with no waves!

    Face: use a good foundation, that matches your skin tone. I would recommend a liquid foundation by Avon. as for your cheeks, use a light shade of blush.

    Eyes: use neutral shades of shadow (light browns, soft shimmers) but apply mascara. line your bottom lids (inner) with black eyeliner.

    Lips: use soft pink, nothing too dark since you're pretty pale.

    Clothes: try something blue and loose-fitting, try this!


    Girl 2- Hair: do the same as girl 1, only try Brilliant Blonde.

    Face: you could use either a liquid or a powder foundation, but whichever you use make sure it is a perfect match to your skin tone. use a light blush, and don't over-apply!

    Eyes: line your top and bottom outer lids, and use a silver-ish shadow. apply mascara to top lashes.

    Lips: if you're going to be daring, try a cherry-red. but to stay on the safe side, use a medium pink.

    Clothes: try something form-fitted on top.


    you both should look GREAT. hope I helped :D